I’m a Ghent based photographer who loves making pictures anywhere in the world. Far away or close by, as long as a project moves me I’ll go for it. My aim is to capture people just the way they are, in their surroundings or wherever they want to be. Simplicity and purity is what I’m looking for in my images. Whether it’s in a portrait, in an interesting object or in a breathtaking landscape. With every image, I want to tell someone’s story. Besides my work for magazines and making family-portraits, I also like to work on long-term projects, as in photographing books. But for every nice opportunity I’ll be more than happy to jump out of my crib. So you’ll not only find me abroad – in India for example, to capture a traditional wedding – but also on a beautiful location in Belgium, making pictures for a kids fashion shoot. Apart from travel photography and photoshoots with cute, tiny people I love to make intimate portraits and working on lifestyle projects.

about © Marie Monsieur