I’m a Ghent based photographer making pictures worldwide. 

Simplicity and purity is what I’m looking for in my images. Whether it’s in a portrait, in an interesting object or in a breathtaking landscape.  

My aim is to capture people just the way they are in  a pure, honest and respectful way. Listening to their stories makes me feel very humble.

Besides my work for (travel) magazines, I also like to work on long-term projects, as in photographing books. So you’ll not only find me abroad – in India for example, to capture a traditional wedding or hiking in Jordan to enter Petra through The Back Way– but also on a beautiful location in Belgium, making pictures for a fashion shoot, making someone’s portrait, working in a team on a lifestyle project, …

Interested in working together? You are welcome to contact me so we can get in touch and create together.

Collaborations: De Persgroep Media – Roularta Media Group – Pasar Magazine – VAB Magazine – the Content Crew – Femma Magazine – Horizon Uitgeverij – Stichting Kunstboek Uitgeverij – Elected.be – Supergoodsstore Fair Fashion – Clowns Without Borders …